The reason I want to write blog

At first, I have to say that I’m just a college student who wants to make money online. It was my original plan. However, when I took one class in college, I realized that writing a blog not only can help you review your study but how you think and figure out who you are. Now I’m not writing for money but just as a place for me to share my life experiences. It could be happy or sad, excited or boring. But I love it. I cherish every moment I have and I don’t want to waste time on things I don’t like. Later, I’ll take it as a journal and write about things that happen in my life. I can practice my English and writing skills at the same time. This would be the best way to do it.😂😂




This is a place I’ll share my everyday learning.

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Thugger Henry

Thugger Henry

This is a place I’ll share my everyday learning.

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