The class that influenced me the most

It happened just yesterday when I draft my lazy body to the classroom to participate in another boring class (What I used to think). I just sat beside my classmates thinking about what to play on the phone or what to eat for lunch. Later, the lecturer came in and seemed very close to his students. So I started to observe him.

NOW the class begins, he told all of us that writing an article on the website influences him a lot because he always keeps track of the things he learned and when he looked back. There’s a surprise in them. Touched by him, I made up my mind to do the same thing as him, so now I’m writing this first story. During the class, he shared things that seemed to only appear in sci-fi movies and told us that they have already been invented and you can buy them on the market. All of a sudden, I felt that why I can’t catch up with the world anymore. I saw students playing cellphone during class and wanna waste their time on some unnecessary pieces. I’ve struggled to make a fortune since this winter vacation, and from the class, I saw hope. There’s one question that makes me think for really a long time. Which is “How can you positively impact one billion people’s lives in the next decade?” If you can do so, you can make more than one billion dollars, and who on earth doesn’t wanna make such a fortune.

Then here is the last idea that he shared “exponential”, what is exponential? People tend to use linear thinking to solve problems because what we see in the world follows this rule. We will not see we plant a seed in the mud and tomorrow it becomes a tree. So that’s what limits our growth. Technology is what grows exponentially. You can tell from the first iPhone published in 2007 and now is 2021. There have been 12 models. There are other examples like Microsoft mesh. It will definitely change the world within a few years. These are my reflections that I have in the first class. Thank you.



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